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Everything You Need to Know About Spinach Nutrition


Spinach is a leafy green vegetable and one of the most nutritious ingredients on earth. Find out why all the reasons why spinach is called a superfood.

There’s so much to love about spinach.

What is spinach?

Spinach is pretty easy to find. You can buy ‘em in the fresh or frozen at the supermarket, in a dosh at most restaurants, and in smoothies or juices at your local cafe. That’s just a short list too. There are sooo many places where you’ll spot spinach.

For all its familiarity, you’ll probably be surprised to learn that spinach actually originated in Persia. It wasn’t indigenous to North America at all. But now spinach is a beloved ingredient in North America. In every grocery, vegetable market, and on pretty much every dinner table in the world now you will find spinach, doing its thing, for all those who love it.

Meaning us, too! Count us in those who love spinach. Read on to see why.

Health benefits of spinach

Spinach contains so many nutrients you can quickly see why it’s so often listed as a super food out there in the world.

Vitamin A. Spinach contains carotenoids, which is a building block your body uses to create Vitamin A.

Vitamin C. The ultimate antioxidant, V-C promotes skin health, boosts your immune system, and loves hanging out in -- you guessed it -- spinach.

Vitamin K1. You want your blood to clot, right? That sounds like a good thing. Well, you need K1, then. And a single leaf of spinach has over 50% of your daily quota.

Iron. Spinach is the iron man of the green world. Load up, you’re gonna need that iron.

Calcium. No, milk does not own the patent on calcium. In fact, calcium can be found in many foods, one of which is our good friend spinach.

Frozen vs fresh spinach

There was a time when people associated frozen food with soggy food. Why buy frozen vegetables that would get watery and smooshy when you prepped them?

Well, you shouldn’t. Luckily, most frozen veggies are picked fresh and then flash frozen so you not only don’t lose nutrition, you might even gain it, because frozen foods are kept in the dark during transport, and thus avoid nasty oxidation. Also, by keeping the water crystals out, you won’t get the soggy texture.

Daily Harvest loves spinach

Wanna spice all the ways you can eat spinach? We’ve got you covered. Daily Harvest features spinach in so many of our easy-to-prep items. With our chef-crafted food, you’ll discover new and interesting flavors and a variety of other nutritious ingredients.

Just stock up and have a few items readily available in your freezer whenever you wanna nosh on some spinach.

Take a look at how we work spinach into a few of our refreshing smoothies.

Mango + Greens Smoothie. You can see the game plan, right? Get the sweetness up with mango, coconut cream, then pow! hit the mix with spinach, cucumbers, and camu powder. You get the Vitamin C, you get the fiber, and you get that nice mango flavor. That’s the whole package.

Blueberry + Hemp Smoothie. Like a lot of our fave recipes, we like to mix things up, keep you guessing, and then deliver an amazing experience with real nutritional upsides. We’ve got the blueberries and figs for sweetness, the kale and spinach for vitamins and minerals, then walnuts and hemp seeds for healthy fats and smoothed texture. Like eating blended muffins, this one.

We hope we upped your game just a bit when it comes to getting all the nutritional benefits you can from spinach, while sacrificing none of the tastes you love. And don’t hesitate to grab a few more of our spinach items from our menu and give them a try. We’re always here, always ready to take your orders for fresh, reliable foods delivered right to your doorstep, always only minutes away from your kitchen table.